The ultimate termite detection tool in finding termites don’t find out the hard way ask for a Termatrac when getting a termite inspection.

Product Designer : J. I. Peston Pty Ltd,
PROdesign Product Manufacturer.
Product Description and Principal Function(s)

TERMATRAC is an electronic instrument that detects the movement of termites through solid objects. It is a breakthrough development in the detection of termites. No other device exists throughout the world which will allow non-invasive detection and tracking of termite activity. The cost of termite destruction worldwide exceeds the combined devastation of floods and fire. This prompted the development of the TERMATRAC unit.

The only other devices available are intrusive products ie: boroscopes, and non-specific products ie: moisture meters and acoustic devices. Each are quite blunt instruments in any search for termites. TERMATRAC is specific to termite movement is not invasive and is ideally suited to detecting and tracking termites.

Invented and developed in Australia the device uses microwave technology to detect termites hidden below the surface of timber, plaster board, brick or masonry with no interference to the building material or termite activity. TERMATRAC is comprised of two parts: a sensor unit that is applied to a surface to detect hidden termite activity, and a main control unit which clips conveniently onto a belt and contains control buttons, a liquid crystal display (LCD), batteries, a battery power meter, as well as data and power connections for operation, interrogation and re-programming.
Highly effective at tracing termite galleries and entry points, TERMATRAC enables pest controllers to plan a treatment without disturbing the insects; which facilitates more effective treatments and less use of the very toxic, expensive chemicals used in their treatment.

This contributes to the environmental advantages of TERMATRAC in line with worldwide trends to reduce the use of pesticides.

Explained simply, TERMATRAC emits signals which penetrate the material that is being searched. If these signals are interrupted by termite activity, the liquid crystal display will alert you to this activity. TERMATRAC relays this information live to the operator, so that they can pinpoint the termites in an instant.

Then the operator can
  • Track the extent of their activity without disturbances
  • Track termites to entry point
  • Locate nests via entry point
  • Determine the most suitable treatment procedures
  • TERMATRAC can be used to find many pest species of termite, detecting movement in a variety of materials.
  • TERMATRAC can be used by pest controllers, electricity companies, railways or even forestry departments in any number of situations.
TERMATRAC comes complete with hard-wearing construction, long-life digital electronics and a robust carry-case.
Soft button controls with tactile auditory feedback, a large backlit graphic LCD display and a compact, ergonomic design make TERMATRAC easy to use. To help develop the best techniques for finding termite activity, accreditation is provided through TERMATRAC training. A help hotline is also available, and a national distribution network provides local technical support nationwide.

As a field instrument the design is intended to convey its scientific pedigree and at the same time look robust and confident. The striking form and bold use of colour were chosen to make TERMATRAC highly visible and distinctive, and recognised as THE termite detection instrument.

Designed with visual references to a stethoscope the sensor unit immediately gives confidence and a level of customer understanding in this new product category. The sensor unit is designed to be cradled in a ‘holster-like’ position when not in use, giving an always ready appearance, and sensible convenience.

The use of microwaves in an innovative way to detect termites entailed a tailormade software and hardware compliment. The use of specific range of frequencies to do this and the method to do so is highly innovative and unique, allowing it to be patented.
Key Product Features and Benefits

Each year more damage is caused to homes and government, charity and commercial premises across the globe due to termite attack than the combined devastation of flood and fire. TERMATRAC offers the first specific, non-intrusive tool in the detection of termites, allowing targetted treatment.

The amount of toxic chemical required in the environment to eliminate the termite problem will be dramatically reduced. The development of this technology opens doors to other applications in the worldwide timber industry, as well as future applications such as detecting earthquake survivors or people in mining or building collapses.

The knife-edge microwave technology and control electronics developed over the past eight years is a world first and its various important applications must be taken into consideration.


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