Colony Elimination System
Termites are on a mission. Itís called Operation Munch.
Eat. Itís all termites want to do. In the ecosystem, their role is to break down plant and wood material ó good news in the forest, bad news in the neighborhood. Their trick is to tunnel from their underground colony through the soil to any source of cellulose (your home, for instance), which they devour from the inside out. You donít even notice their work until structural timbers are severely damaged. And, as if your house werenít enough, termites also consume fences, paper, furniture, cloth and books.

Amazing but true.
The termites on Earth outweigh the humans on Earth. No wonder, theyíve been reproducing for more than 200 million years.
How much havoc does this round-the-clock eating machine wreak? Every year in Australia
  • More than 5 million homes have some type of termite problem1
  • About $5 billion in termite-related property damage occurs2
  • Termite damage is more common than damage caused by storms, fires and earthquakes
  • The costs of termite damage are rarely covered by homeownerís insurance
Thatís the termitesí mission. Now, whatís yours? One thingís for sure, you canít ignore termites and the damage they cause. Youíve got to move quickly, but move smart.

Why do more people prefer the Sentriconģ Termite Colony Elimination System than any other brand?1 Why has it been chosen to protect more than 2 million structures? Why would the caretakers of the White House, the Statue of Liberty and other national treasures select the Sentricon System?

Termite colony elimination is most peopleís primary reason. The Sentricon System is known to eliminate the termite colony, not just individual termites.
Another big reason why homeowners prefer the Sentricon System is that itís easy to live with. Itís a lot gentler on the home, the yard and the environment than traditional liquid chemical treatments. Plus, ongoing professional monitoring helps homeowners feel secure that termites are no longer a threat.

Maybe thatís the best reason of all. With continued service, you can actually ó yes, itís possible ó forget about termites.


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