Premise 200 SC Termiticide Bayer
Termites are destructive in nature
Termites are a serious pest in Australia. They attack timber in buildings. Termites can destroy homes. A recent survey reveals almost 40% of homes suffer termite attack. Another survey predicts the probability of a termite infestation of a house is five times more likely than fire. Termites are social insects, most persistent and destructive in nature. The termite which attacks more homes than any other is Coptotermes.

The best defence
The best defence against termites is an effective termiticide soil treatment applied by a professional pest manager.

The old 'barrier' method
Most existing termite control methods involve chemicals which are applied around your home as a barrier. This barrier repels and/or kills termites. And for a day or so after the treatment the smell can be fairly repulsive for humans as well. While this kind of protection is usually effective, if there is even a tiny gap in the barrier, the termites will find it and get to your home. (in the same way ants always find a way into your kitchen no matter how diligent you are with the surface spray).

Consumers prefer safety to long lasting chemicals
A 1998 consumer market survey carried out by Solutions Marketing Research Group revealed that 94% of consumers desire safety and would prefer a termiticide that is low in toxicity to long lasting chemicals. Until now the termiticide sprays have been Schedule 6 POISONS that claim to last many years. It was a hurdle for the Pest Manager to provide a treatment that was both reliable and low in toxicity. Now for the first time in Australia there is a new termiticide that is Schedule 5 CAUTION because of its low toxicity. This termiticide is Premise.

A treatment everyone can live with - except termites
Extensive research shows that Premise has low toxicity to humans, pets and wildlife. At the same time Premise is lethal to termites. The difference is because of structural differences between the receptors in the nervous systems of humans and termites.

Premise replaces the barrier with a far more effective concept.. The Premise 'Treated Zone'
Premise uses revolutionary new science to eliminate termites. Premise creates a 'Treated Zone' into which the termites are free to travel. Far from being repelled by a barrier and hence trying to find ways around it, termites will happily wander into the Premise 'Treated Zone' - but the minute they do, they are doomed. Premise kills the termites coming into contact with the treated soil. It is not only the Premise in the soil that kills termites but nature as well. Even at low doses, Premise enlists the help of nature

Termites become disorientated, and dysfunctional, then die of natural causes
When termites enter the Premise 'Treated Zone' they stop feeding on wood, become disorientated, cease grooming each other and neglect their environment. Soon the fungi and micro-organisms in the soil begin to take their toll, the termites become fatally diseased and die. We call this action Premise plus nature.

No odour and is water based
Unlike many other termite treatments, Premise has no discernible odour and produces no airborne residues. It is Australia's first water based termiticide. So not only is it effective, it's also a lot easier to live with, even straight after treatment.

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